Research Team

Professor Anna Sullivan

Professor Anna Sullivan the Director of the Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion at the University of South Australia. She is a leading expert in school discipline and is committed to investigating ways in which schools can be better places. Prof Sullivan was lead researcher of a major Australian research study investigating behaviour in schools. The findings from this research have led to a greater understanding of teachers’ views of student behaviour and how school leaders can enact behaviour policy to support students in humane and caring ways. Her research has informed education policy and practice internationally.

Emeritus Professor Bruce Johnson 

Emeritus Professor Bruce Johnson is an international expert in school discipline and classroom management. His research interests include human resilience, curriculum theory and development, school reform, classroom management, and sexuality education. He was a Chief Investigator on the Australian Research Council Linkage funded Behaviour at School Study.

Emeritus Professor Barry Down

Barry Down is Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion at the University of South Australia, Emeritus Professor, Murdoch University and Visiting Professor, Curtin University. He has been Chief Investigator on a number of Australian Research Council (ARC) grants investigating student engagement, school-to-work transitions, early career teacher resilience, performance arts and school exclusion policies. Professor Down’s research interests focus on critical pedagogy, social justice, student engagement, and teachers’ work.

Dr Neil Tippett 

Dr Neil Tippett is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of South Australia, who completed his PhD at the University of Warwick in May 2015. His doctoral research examined school bullying from a socioecological perspective, identifying how individual behaviour and wider societal characteristics impacted on the likelihood of children being victimized or bullying others at school. Currently, his research interests include child safety, mental health, and student wellbeing and behaviour. Most recently he played a central role in reviewing and updating the National Safe Schools Framework, the Australia-wide document guiding how schools and communities can support the safety and wellbeing of their students.

Jamie Manolev 

Jamie Manolev is a PhD candidate at the University of South Australia. His PhD research investigates the popular classroom management app ClassDojo and the way teachers and schools use it to enact school discipline practices and pedagogies. His research interests and expertise are in school discipline, power, critical data studies, education platforms, and critical policy analysis. In addition to working on the School Exclusions project, Jamie has worked as a research assistant on two other ARC funded projects: the Behaviour at School Study, and the Refugee Student Resilience Study.